Kamen Rider Decade

Kamen Rider Decade (仮面ライダーディケイド, Kamen Raidā Dikeido?, Masked Rider DCD, Masked Rider Decade) is the title of the first of the 2009 editions of the long-running Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu dramas. Decade, as its title suggests, is the tenth of the Heisei Rider Series, having begun with Kamen Rider Kuuga in 2000. It began broadcast the week following the finale of Kamen Rider Kiva and is featured in Super Hero Time alongside the 2009 edition of the Super Sentai Series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. The series ties in with the arcade game Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride, with Kamen Riders Decade and Diend using cards resembling those used in the game to transform and access various weapons. The catchphrase for the series is "Destroy everything, connect everything." (全てを破壊し、全てを繋げ, Subete o hakaishi, subete o tsunage?).


The story revolves around the nine previous universes of the Heisei Kamen Riders merging into one, something that would destroy all the worlds. To prevent this, Tsukasa Kadoya transforms into Kamen Rider Decade and is told that to protect his own world he must travel with Natsumi and her grandfather to the other Kamen Riders' Worlds called A.R. Worlds (Another Rider's World or Alternate Reality World) and eliminate the anomaly in that world. Along the way, confronting the mysterious Narutaki and the thief Daiki Kaito, they are joined by Yusuke Onodera of the World of Kuuga and Kiva-la of the World of Kiva.

To fit with the photography motif of the series, the main Kamen Riders of the series follow the CMYK color model: Decade is magenta, Diend is cyan, and Kuuga (Ultimate Form) is black. While no specific Rider has been yellow, the armor of Kuuga Rising Ultimate is yellow (gold). In the Cho-Den-O Trilogy film Episode Yellow: Treasure de End Pirates, Diend is the primary character, emphasizing the yellow accents on his suit.

Episode 01 Rider War
Episode 02 The World of Kuuga
Episode 03 Transcendence
Episode 04 Second Movement ♬ Prince Kiva
Episode 05 The Biting King's Qualifications
Episode 06 Battle Trial: Ryuki World
Episode 07 Super Trick of the Real Criminal
Episode 08 Welcome to the Blade Restaurant
Episode 09 Blade Blade
Episode 10 Faiz High School's Phantom Thief
Episode 11 555 Faces, 1 Treasure
Episode 12 Reunion: Project Agito
Episode 13 Awakening: Tornado of Souls
Episode 14 Super Den-O Beginning
Episode 15 Here Comes Super Momotaros!
Episode 16 Warning: Kabuto Running Amok
Episode 17 The Grandma Way of Taste
Episode 18 Idle Hibiki
Episode 19 Ending Journey
Episode 20 The Nega-World's Dark Riders
Episode 21 The Walking All-Rider Album
Episode 22 Wanted: Diend
Episode 23 End of Diend
Episode 24 The Arrival of the Samurai Sentai
Episode 25 Heretic Rider, Go Forth!
Episode 26 RX! Dai-Shocker Attack
Episode 27 Black × Black RX
Episode 28 Amazon, Friend
Episode 29 The Strong, Naked, Strong Guy
Episode 30 Rider War: Prologue
Episode 31 Destroyer of Worlds

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